Free Swim w/ s.K.b & yrstrly


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Fri 10/27

Le Plur


Born in New Orleans and raised in the dark, dank recesses of the infamous Saint Bar & Lounge, Free Swim is a monthly late-night dance party brought to you by local DJs s.K.b. and yrstrly.

Starting in 2012, yrstrly began DJing every first Friday of the month at the Saint as a guest of the well-known ActionActionReaction Indie Dance party. But after AAR retired the party there, yrstrly continued to hold down the night with a newfound partner-in-party: fellow Saint resident and veteran of the scene Mr. Super Killer Badass, aka s.K.b, who had been holding court over the dance floor there for quite some time.
Having now combined forces to take over the local late-night dance party scene, the newly minted Free Swim quickly became one of the wildest and most favorite Friday nights to be had in all of New Orleans.

Now going 5 years strong, the two are super stoked to be breaking ritual by making a rare pre-midnight appearance to bring you the first ever Free Swim in daylight hours, so you don’t want to miss out. Just don’t forget a towel.